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Pool Tables for Sale

Pyramid Billiard Table Specialists strives to provide our customers with a wide selection of quality tables. Whether you choose to play Pool, Snooker, or Three Cushion Billiards we have you covered. Kent has worked in the billiard industry since 1974, which has given him years of experience working with all the table manufacturers.  Some have been around well over 100 years and others not so long. Many of these companies have closed their doors due to competition, leaving a few quality-minded companies to supply the market. We are proud to sell these brands: Golden West, Presidental, Legacy, & Connelly. Others will be added as agreements are made. 

New Tables

Pyramid Billiard's large selecton of new pool tables will satisfy even the most discriminating tastes. Some manufacturers offer only tables as seen in the catalog. We offer the option of dealing factory direct. Choose the wood and finish to match other woodwork in your room. ( Golden West ) Another of my favorite table manufacturers is ( Presidental Billiards ). These tables are made in South Africa and distributed out of Dallas, Tx. The woods used are African Teak, African Mahogony, Bubinga and Saligna. All woods are grown in their own managed forests and are continuously replanted.


Refurbished & Antique Tables

Pyramid Billiards always has a good selection of  Refurbished Tables.

All used tables go through a complete evaluation before being offered for sale. New cloth, cushions, pockets etc. When installed, these tables will play as new. Our selection of Antiques are for sale but are not usually refurbished until sold. This process of restoration may take up to a year.

Great Selection of Used Tables
Pyramid Billiards always offers a great selection of used pool tables. These are taken in trade, offered on consignment, or removed from the previous owners' home as a service to them. All of our used tables have been inspected, and all repairs completed by our staff. When complete these tables play like new. Call for our latest selection.

Pyramid Billiards supplies all your Billiard Room needs. Arimath & Brunswick Centenial Pool Balls. ( Specialty sets can be ordered ).     8 & 9 Ball Racks, Cue Racks both floor & wall designs. Pool Cues Stocked include Joss, McDermott, Viking, Players, Lucasi, 5280, Star, Griffith, Athena, Meucci & Elite. Many other brands can be special ordered. Cue Cases in stock & special order. Chalk Holders, Gloves, Shapers, Wax & Cleaners, & most other accessories.

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